“It is good for our hearts to be strengthened by grace” – Hebrews 13:9

Easy-to-use reference for your home.
Answers the questions you have from what you have heard or read.
Prepares you to give reasons and rationale for your beliefs.

Foreword by Art Rorheim

Every believer, every parent, and every church should consider using this book to strengthen and build a biblical foundation of God’s grace in the hearts of our present generation.

  • Print Length: 240 pages
  • Publisher: Grace Acres Press
  • Publication Date: 2007
  • Retail: $7.00


What People are Saying


Dr. James A. Scudder, Founder/Sr. Pastor
Quentin Road Bible Baptist Church
Victory in Grace Television and Radio, Lake Zurich, IL

Reading this book, I found valuable insights and I would encourage everyone to read it.


Ken Kilinski, Th.M.
Parson to Person, Inc.

Strengthened by Grace: A Systematic Theology Handbook is not a watered down theology but is a boiled down study of the doctrines of God in a concise and useable format. It is a must read for any student of the “whole counsel of God.


Rev. Charles Svoboda, Founder and Director Emeritus
Bible Related Ministries Hinsdale, IL

Pastor Rich Wager proved to be a person deeply in love with God and His Word. God came first in Rich’s life anywhere and everywhere. His ministry, teaching, and writings reflect his desire to impact and enrich the lives of others spiritually in their personal study and daily life. 

Our friendship reaches back many years to Silver Birch Ranch in Wisconsin where I was conducting a week of meetings for his church. Rich and I found time every day between meetings spending the entire time just talking about the Lord and God’s Word which pulsates with the life of Christ. Our friendship continued up to and including his pastoral ministry where he developed his studies to give a deeper understanding of God’s Word.

I believe his handbook on systematic theology for believers will be a great help as they study scripture.


Ron Elwardt, Associate Pastor of Family Life
Camelback Bible Church Paradise Valley, Arizona

Rich Wager had a passion to equip his people with the Word (Eph 4:15-16). His outlines on systematic theology trained a generation for service and ministry to our Lord. I was one of them, and am deeply grateful for the foundation that these studies laid that is still bearing fruit in my life and ministry.


Dr. Glenn L. Koonce, Director of the Educational Leadership Program
Regent University, Virginia Beach, VA

When seeking truth in preparing leaders for today’s institutions of learning, I refer to God’s Holy Word. This book is a leader friendly guide to understanding the Biblical way, which is always the hardest way. Richard Wager has eased the journey as he references the Biblical way to finding truth in our personal lives and for those who are developing leadership attributes.


Roy Fruits, Th.M., Lead Pastor
Rockpoint Church Lake Elmo, MN

The art and craft of any good theologian and teacher involves the ability to make the complex simple. Pastor Richard Wager accomplishes this enormous task in his systematic theology handbook. After spending several years under Pastor Wager’s teaching both as a member of his church and at Silver Birch Ranch, I know for a fact that he believed the Bible could be read and understood by everyone. This handbook is a worthy guide in helping unearth the greatest treasures of wisdom and knowledge of God that will nourish your soul. Richard Wager’s handbook on systematic theology is an excellent and practical source to begin one’s study in theology. The subject of systematic theology is so vast that even the advanced learner will find it as a practical guide for reference. I have personally used this handbook over the years and would recommend it to anyone who desires to know God more.


Dr. Richard Hess, Dean of Students
Nicolet Bible Institute, White Lake, WI

The most critical issue for Christianity in this 21st century is theological. In times such as these, when absolute answers to life’s important questions seem to be few, sound Biblical doctrine is not only a precious commodity but an absolute necessity. Attending church Sunday after Sunday as a young believer, I discovered that Pastor Wager not only profoundly understood and taught sound doctrine, but also lived it out practically and victoriously. This sound Biblical teaching has served as an invaluably essential foundation for my personal growth and service in the Lord Jesus. Here in this book you, too, will also have that opportunity to encounter those same powerful and life-changing Biblical truths as you grow in His grace.


Dr. Bill Wagner, Chairman Missions Committee
Emmanuel Bible Church, Berwyn, IL

I had the privilege of sitting under the teaching ministry of Pastor Richard Wager for over 14 years. He exegeted many of the books of the Bible and had his notes distributed to the congregation. This little book is the distillation of his teachings systematized. Pastor Wager believed that dispensationalism was the only valid way to understand biblical prophecy. His chapter on eschatology, which is the longest chapter in the book, makes for very interesting reading. This book is largely a collection of brief statements with scriptural references in support of the author’s thesis. It isn’t a tome on systematic theology, but rather a quick reference book which forces the reader to do the digging into scripture to form his own opinions.


Sharon Busenbark, Business woman and homemaker
Granger, IN

This systematic theology handbook provides a clear cut, no nonsense approach to explaining the doctrines that form the foundation of Christianity. It is the one tool I’ve returned to time and time again for almost 30 years.