This book is not about how to become a Christian. It is all about how God expects Christians to live out their faith.


What People are Saying


Here is a choice opportunity to walk through the Bible’s most practical book, the epistle of James. A seasoned Bible professor, Robert Lightner translates biblical wording for 21st century believers into a literary signpost: This is the way to do Christianity.
Howard G. Hendricks,Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Christian Education and Leadership
Dallas Theological Seminary

The humility, integrity and wisdom that are evident in the life and ministry of Dr. Lightner are crystal clear in this down-to-earth and helpful study of the Epistle of James. Dr. Lightner is not attempting an in depth study of James (those are available elsewhere). Instead he draws from the text a number of practical actions that will provide sure-footing for the Christian traveler. I highly recommend this little volume for individual and group study.
Dr. Gary E. Gilley, Author and Senior Pastor
Southern View Chapel, Springfield, Illinois

As Robert Lightner points out, saving faith gets us onto the Christian path, but practical, living faith moves us along our journey. Solid Stepping Stones for the Christian Journey is informative, pointed, even interactive, dealing with everyday life situations in a meaningful and practical way. Built on solid scholarship, Dr. Lightner joins James in coming across as a man giving fatherly advice rooted in years of experience. Each “stepping stone” in this book relates to real life experiences and challenges and shows us how to meet them in a helpful and biblical way.
Dr. Woodrow Kroll, President
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With crisp sentences and clear explanations, Robert Lightner explains what James is saying in his epistle. This brief book will be useful for personal Bible study or group discussions.
Stanley D. Toussaint, Senior Professor Emeritus
Dallas Theological Seminary

Robert Lightner’s Solid Stepping Stones for the Christian Journey is the scholar’s keen eye used to bring about personal care. The book has not been designed to solve all of the difficult interpretation issues in James. For example, it does not give all the options for handling James 2:14ff with its difficult “faith without works” statement. Lightner does give enough to let the reader know the all-important truth that individual salvation is by faith in Jesus and not by works or good deeds. However, the book is not a full-blown commentary. What is accomplished throughout the book is a step by step walk through the text of James to help any believer digest the important everyday life messages it contains. In the end, the steps lead to practical wisdom for living a godly life in an ungodly world. Therefore, I highly recommend Lightner’s work to use for Bible study or small group ministries.
Dr. Mike Stallard, Dean
Baptist Bible Seminary, Pennsylvania

The walk of the Christian is understanding the faith and understanding God. Solid Stepping Stones for the Christian Journey is a guide that discusses the gospel and many pieces of wisdom that are on the path to understanding God and his wishes for believers and God’s role in their lives. Solid Stepping Stones for the Christian Journey is a strong pick for any Christian who wants to understand their path to God more effectively.
James A. Cox, Midwest Book Review