Life isn’t fair. Struggles surround us at every turn. Whether it is a failure to meet your own expectations to dealing with a terminal disease, the struggle is real. The realities for each situation are different, but they are all part of living in a fallen world. Living Through the Struggle makes it clear that pressing on, even though it is hard, is worth it.

Many theologians publish works on various books of the Bible that are frankly too heady and deep for most readers. Other less weighty works skip over the difficult passages. Writing about living through the struggle is not a theological exercise for Nightingale, rather he does so with experience and understanding of living with an uncurable disease. Furthermore, he has helped so many others navigate through tough times and find encouragement by applying the principles found in 1 Peter. In all things, Nightingale points the reader to Christ who is sufficient.

Living Through the Struggle is both practical and theologically deep. Short chapters include a portion of 1 Peter text, reflections, background information, and personal challenges for the reader to examine their lives in light of God’s Word. It is ideal not only for personal use, but for pastors, counselors, and teachers.

  • Print Length: 120 pages
  • Publisher: Grace Acres Press
  • Publication Date: 2020
  • Retail: $6.00


What People are Saying


As a man who has faced much suffering throughout his life, Pastor Chad Nightingale is well-positioned to interact with the teachings found in Peter’s first epistle. Living Through the Struggle is not a commentary on 1 Peter; rather, it is a guide to application based on Peter’s letter. Peppered with interesting personal stories, and ending each chapter with thought-provoking questions, Nightingale draws readers into the text to examine their lives in light of God’s Word. The book will prove valuable for both personal and small-group Bible study.

Gary E. Gilley, Senior Pastor, Southern View Chapel, Springfield, Illinois

Theologically true, Scripturally sound, and written from a pastor’s perspective. Timely and personal; the thought-provoking questions make this is a good personal read as well as a great resource to use with small groups.

Rich McCarrell, D.D., Executive Director, IMI/SOS

When Chad Nightingale writes about living through the struggle, he does so with experience and understanding. Not only has he navigated through difficult places by applying the principles of 1 Peter himself, he has helped countless others to do the same. Although his book cannot provide a magic formula to remove suffering, it does offer practical guidance on bringing glory to God through suffering to those who are courageous enough to live in obedience under the pressure that suffering brings.

Jimmy Van Dyck, National Administrator at Encounter Revival Ministries

Chad Nightingale takes students of the Bible on a personal journey that prepares believers for and explains hardship in life. His guide is insightful, clear, and concise. Through reflective questions, readers consider in detail marriage, work relationships, and faithfulness. We all want to live well, but Nightingale directs readers to the truths that help us accomplish that task. I highly recommend this tool for personal devotions or intimate small-group study.

Victor “Skip” Hessel, Jr., D.M., Graduate School Dean, Business Administration Department Chair, Organization Development Program Director, Calvary University

In an effort to point to the glorious realities of a new life in Christ, some versions of the gospel have actually downplayed the reality of continuing difficulties, trials, and persecution in the life of every believer. Becoming a Christian does not remove all of a person’s problems, but instead points us to the finished work of Christ, which is sufficient to equip us for facing life with our Savior. Chad Nightingale’s book looks at this important reality through the epistle of 1 Peter. Pastor Nightingale writes with clarity and pastoral concern as he not only explains the main ideas in Peter’s letter, but also helps readers by giving thoughtful application questions so we can apply Scripture to the heart. Living Through the Struggle is a wonderful resource for the struggling soul.

Dr. Richard Bargas, Executive Director, IFCA International, and editor, The VOICE magazine

I am thrilled to recommend Chad Nightingale, because I know firsthand that he has been used by God in many ways to help others with their spiritual needs. I know that you will be encouraged by this book on trouble. As you follow the Biblical examples that he suggests, your life will be blessed by God. Chad’s faithfulness to the Word of God and his desire to obey the Lord are great reasons to recommend this work.

Ardy Parlin, founder and Director, Encounter Revival Ministries