I Can See the Shore brings to life a little known world of shaman, rituals, and secret initiations of the stone-aged culture of the Yanomamo tribe. Walk with Mike Dawson as he shares the Gospel and deals with his own personal life and death situations.


What People are Saying


Dr. George Sweeting
Chancellor Emeritus
Moody Bible Institute-Chicago

I’ve known the Dawsons for several years and rejoice in their great faith in God amid severe trials. In spite of the obstacles of primitive conditions, sickness, and death, they have persevered for the souls of the Yanomamo Indians in the rainforest of southern Venezuela. This book is a gripping life story of the triumph of missions with all its mega-challenges.

Amy Wray
Yanomamo Homecoming
National Geographic Television

I Can See the Shore depicts a life lived among the Yanomamo with gusto and good humor, while personal sorrows are overcome with grace and transcendence. Mike Dawson not only tells his own remarkable story, but also translates the experiences of Yanomamo shamans, warriors, and childhood friends as they struggle with illness and warfare and confront choices about how to live as Yanomamo in a modern age.

Steve Saint

It’s rare that a single book makes you laugh and cry. I laughed at Mike’s jungle exploits and cried with him over his daughter’s death. Very few people have the opportunity to grow up on both sides of the cultural fence as Mike and I have. Reading this book will highlight the Gospel as a multicultural message.