This book is about a different kind of journey. It is the journey of spiritual maturity that Jesus travelled with his disciples. By the end of their time with Christ, the disciples were fully devoted followers of their Savior and prepared to obey his command to make more disciples, even when it resulted in the loss of their own lives. We want to discover the path that Jesus used and learn to repeat this process of discipleship just as he commanded. Although this book is focused on helping new believers grow into mature disciples, every believer is a disciple and our path of maturity continues until we meet the Lord. By following the example of Jesus as the Master disciple-maker, we will discover the best path to take us from new birth to spiritual maturity.

  • Print Length: 118 pages
  • Publisher: Grace Acres Press
  • Publication Date: 2017
  • Retail: $7.00

What People are Saying

For a long time we have needed a simple, clear statement about what it means to obey Jesus’ command to go and make disciples. Paul Barreca has given us exactly what we need. In these pages you will discover a wealth of biblical information, distilled and made easily accessible for 21st-century readers. “Follow the Master” shows how the words of Jesus still ring true today. Would you like become a disciple-maker? Read this book! Would you like to become a better disciple of Christ? Read this book!
Dr. Ray Pritchard
President, Keep Believing Ministries

In his book, Follow the Master, Paul Barreca has provided a detailed and insightful analysis of discipleship in the New Testament, with particular emphasis on the methods employed by Jesus himself. I highly recommend this volume to all who desire to heed Jesus’ command to “make disciples” because of Paul’s immensely helpful guidance. His work is informed not only by careful exposition of the biblical text, but also by decades of study and experience in pastoral ministry.
David James
Director, The Alliance for Biblical Integrity

In our postmodern world, discipleship seems to have multiple conflicting approaches. This book helped me go back and consider the strategy of the Master and how His strategy can help us accomplish discipleship today. Dr. Barreca brings together Biblical principles and practice in a well-balanced approach. This book is an essential tool for those desiring to make a difference in someone’s life. For the last 9 years I have been using this well-balanced approached in discipling young men. I have introduced and taught this materials (Follow the Master) to hundreds of pastors and leaders of local churches in the Philippines.
Rev. Jonel Arcedera
o Co-Creator of Intense Discipleship Is For Me(ID4ME)
o Director of Local Church Ministries Word of Life Philippines

At a time when many seem to be lost and lacking direction this is a great tool to remind us of the need to disciple and be disciples as we “Following the Master’s” plan. “Follow the Master” is a book that reminds us of the importance to disciple through the power of the Word of God. A practical, biblical and encouraging book that I look forward to sharing it with my congregation.
Daniel Vasquez, Th.D.
Pastor, Calvary Fellowship Cedarville, NJ