You are a leader for the cause of Christ whether it be as a parent, a Sunday school teacher, youth group leader, or an organizational executive.

  • Are you running into resistance?
  • Do you turn into it or away from it?
  • What does it mean if there is no resistance?


What should be gripping the heart of the Christian leader-at church, at work, at home?

Discover intimacy with God through 21 sessions of prayerful reading and meditation through Nehemiah. Be prepared to become an intimate warrior in the spiritual battle that comes with leadership.

  • Print Length: 108¬†pages
  • Publisher: Grace Acres Press
  • Publication Date: 2009
  • Retail: $5.00

What People are Saying


DeWayne (Dewey) King, Football Coach (Retired)
Wheaton College

Dave Wager has done a marvelous job in putting together this meditation guide for the Christian leaders who need to think and pray about what is next for the organization they lead. His writing style, thoughts expressed, deep-seated convictions held and possessing a strong sense of integrity are very comparable to the way he played college football for me at Wheaton College in the 1970’s. He writes as he played – “Do your very best and give God the glory.” And always fear God and those that fear Him not!


Dr. James L. Nicodem, Senior Pastor
Christ Community Church, St. Charles, IL

Dave Wager says that one of the lessons he learned as a college football defensive end was to engage resistance. Resistance was how he knew he was in the right place. Dave applies this same principle to the believer’s spiritual struggle, as illustrated in the Old Testament book of Nehemiah. Engage resistance, don’t run from it. Combine prayer with hard work–and expect the work to be harder than it should be. Ask those you lead to make ridiculous commitments. Stop worrying about your reputation. This is in-your-face, butt-kicking counsel from a leader who practices what he preaches. And the format of the book encourages aspiring leaders to spend time reflecting on what they’ve read.


Mel Goebel, President
Library of Hope

Wager brilliantly challenges leaders of our time to the cost of true effective kingdom leadership.



Jamall Badry, Executive Director
Music Evangelism Foundation

If ever there was a book leaders in God’s work should read it is Beyond the Resistance by Dave Wager. His exposition on Nehemiah is a classic and so up to date with statements like “We become respecters of persons of means. We become respecters of plans and will accept almost any compromise to attain peace.” My favorite is, “Sorry leaders do not lead with their assets; instead, they demand sacrifices from others.” Do yourself a favor – order Beyond the Resistance as soon as you can.


Larry Guthrie, Ph.D., Director of Educational Ministries
Camp Forest Springs, Wisconsin

I’ve studied the book myself a number of times and never seem to lose my amazement at the lessons that God teaches His people through the life of Nehemiah. Dave’s provoking thoughts caused me to reflect anew on what God was doing in Nehemiah’s life and the challenge to meditate more deeply on each passage was very personal. You can understand your own struggles more clearly as you walk through the book with Dave.